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Liberalism Dario Melendez


Dario Melendez

Published August 10th 2000
Kindle Edition
412 pages
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 About the Book 

Liberalism is an essay about the causes of poverty in the world, theatavistic conditions which maintain it, and a description of availableresources to permit the humankind a well to do living, in peace and harmony. During the last two centuries a supposed science have maintained permanentexpectation about the necessity to eradicate the poverty.  The economy, abluff with science cover, induce the world to permanent restlessness- twobig wars have been occurred since the economics ideas have been over thecounter, to oppose the laissez faire laissez passer and the moralistorientations espoused by Adam Smith.  Many debts have been accumulated bymost of the governments, running the nations as private properties,following macroeconomic ideas. Due to provoked wars many necessities have been created, more weaponsneeded by nations and more disabled and mutilated to be attended by theproductive people appear, cutting the familiar income and charging to thepoor all the cost of a cumbersome system. The created interests maintainseparated the peoples, making of each nation a property land, divided zonesto take advantage of the governed areas and excising tax on it inhabitants,taking to poor it products and saves to maintain an oppressive system whichcause poverty and discontent.  The governments and religions, it role to induce the separation andconflicts which divide the world in parcels or lands inciting thenationalistic fanaticism and religious creeds, each one looking for its owninterests, are exposed in details.The ancestral influence that religions exercise over the peoples due theirtendency the be protected, specially between ignorant people, exploiting thenatural afraid to the unknown, condition which prevail in the ignorantmasses, made use of it by politicos and religious to impose theiroverwhelming power to the world. The most relevant of all economic matter, the governmental cost, mustalways be supported by the poor peoples of each nation, all taxes andmonetary devaluation, which consequences the economist call inflation, arepaid by the poor around the world. Everywhere, all taxes and governmentalexpenses relapse over the articles and services prices, which are sold andconsumed. The industry, the bank, the professional, dealers and merchantsall them charge to the price all cost or expense, the consumer must absorbthem when buying or using anything. Nevertheless the consumer who sell oroffer something has the opportunity to charge any overhead or new price tothe items or services he offer, not the poor but who has nothing to sell, hecant charge any overvalue but absorb the new cost paying more than before.In a government directed economy competence does not exist and the pooralways receive and pay all inflation and inflation never stands stop. Those things are analyzed in Liberalism, each prevailing condition,maintained by governments and religions, taking advantages of the peoplesfanaticism, are exposed in this book and possible correctives suggested.