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The 95-5 Code: for Activating the Law of Attraction Richard Dotts

The 95-5 Code: for Activating the Law of Attraction

Richard Dotts

Published January 5th 2015
Kindle Edition
66 pages
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 About the Book 

Most books and courses on the Law of Attraction teach various outer-directed techniques one can use to manifest their desires. All is well and good, but an important question remains unanswered: What do you do during theremainder of your timewhen you are not actively using these manifestation techniques? How do you live? What do you do with the 95% of your day, the majority of your waking hours when you are not actively asking for what you want? Is the “rest of your day” important to the manifestation process?It turns out that what you do during the 95% of your time, the time NOT spent visualizing or affirming,makes all of the difference.In The 95-5 Code for activating the Law of Attraction, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts explains why the way you act (and feel) during the majority of your waking hours makes all the difference to your manifestation end results.Most of us mistakenly believe that the mere application of manifestation techniques results in outer manifestations. Yet, as Richard points out, the actual time spent engaging in meditation, visualization or affirmations constitutes only a very small percentage of our waking hours. Compared to what we do for the rest of our day, the time spent on those activities is minuscule! No wonder most people get little or no results from the application of these techniques at all! It is not because the techniques do not work or are done wrongly, but because most people are expecting their outer realities to change by changing the way they think and act for only 5% of the time… while neglecting the other 95% that also has an effect on our creations.Once Richard recognized this fallacy in his own thinking, he immediately re-examined his past actions and found the exact reasons why certain manifestations have been so long in coming, and why he felt so much frustration during the early days of his manifestation journey. He was trying to do the impossible by expecting 5% of his efforts to make 100% of the changes in his life!Learn as Richard Dotts shares an empowering new understanding of manifestations in The 95-5 Code, and reveals how everything changes the moment we look at manifestations and the creative process from this new perspective. While you may think of manifestations as something grandiose or even miraculous, Richard gently guides the reader to help them realize that the only journey they’ll ever have to make, to achieve anything they want in life, is really on the inside. If certain manifestations have been long in coming for you, or if you have had little success with various manifestation techniques, this new understanding in The 95-5 Code could make all of the difference.